Richie Sambora Fired from Bon Jovi


This afternoon I heard one of my all-time favorite guitarists was fired from one of my most favorite bands; Bon Jovi.

The (rumored) reason?  Money.  Allegedly, Richie was earning upwards of $2 million a month, plus 20% of the band’s profits from live shows.
To us average folk, that may seem absurd, but the ticket prices Bon Jovi charges are close to astronomical, and the stadiums are always packed for every show.. surely, Jon Bon Jovi could more than afford to pay the premium for his right-hand man’s talents.

It is also rumored Richie’s replacement, Philip ‘Phil X’ Xenidis, is earning only $10,000 per month with no ticket royalties.

Greed and ego seems to have dissolved one of music’s best partnerships and surely it’s expected to impact the band financially, too.
I personally know of a number of die-hard Bon Jovi fans that won’t purchase tickets or buy any Bon Jovi album Richie doesn’t play on.  If the band’s Facebook comments are taken into consideration, it’s a view shared by many.

Truth be told I have not been a “fan” of their (newer) music for some time, their later albums (’00s) have all but hidden and watered-down guitar (by no fault of Richie’s!  The bands’ music is produced more like ‘pop’ albums than ‘rock’ - which inherently hides the balls of the guitar)… nothing like the sonic arena-rock they’re known for, from the ’80s and ’90s (which happens to be my soft spot for them!) — though the ‘new’ tracks (No Apologies, This is Love This is Life) from the latest ‘Best Of’ are a great change from the typical elevator rock the band has been producing for many years now.

Hopefully, the guys can mend their relationship and get back to making music, preferably, more along the lines of the ‘Best Of’ singles. ;)

If anything good comes out of this, it’s the fact the situation has shined a brighter light on Richie’s solo albums.  His latest, ‘Aftermath of the Lowdown' has far greater songs (and no buried guitar!) than Bon Jovi's last several records.

Back to school time Always Sucked as a kid.. heres one reason for it not to suck as much!

Back to school time Always Sucked as a kid.. heres one reason for it not to suck as much!

Breaking Bad in 10…

The final season of Breaking Bad is on in 10 minutes!
Are you watching?!

Breaking Bad Returns THIS SUNDAY

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AC/DC Beer!

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Rob Zombie is such a cool dude

Rob Zombie has been posting about rescued dogs on his facebook, giving awareness to such an awesome cause, The Puppy Rescue Mission (who rescues soldiers’ companion dogs from overseas).


It’s very cool when to see some celebrities are close enough to Earth that they use their fame for good.

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Finally… season 4 of Walking Dead begins Sunday October 13th.  If this preview is any indication, it’s full of zombies and awesomeness. Can’t wait!!!!!